Energetic releases

We look at our body and we can touch it and feel it. It feels solid, dense. Yet, the concept of our physical body is an illusion.

Under a powerful microscope, we are just billions of atoms constantly moving and vibrating. A sea of energy held together to form a dense body.

Eastern cultures view the body as a series of energy fields made up of a mass of vibrating atoms. These energy fields represent our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, our senses.

Negative thoughts, habits, emotions all block our flow of energy making us feel stagnant, slow, sluggish, congested.

Here at levelfooting, we have a series of energetic exercises to release stagnant energy allowing it to flow through your body, improving your vitality and overall well being.

You will feel calmer, more grounded, centred and clearer. Your concentration and focus improves. Shoulder, neck pain and headaches often clear as a by-product of the treatment. Sleep is deeper and more restful. Overall energy improves.

We offer 2 sessions which vary in intensity
  • One hour session to clear stagnant energy and recharge
  • Two hour session of intense treatment to clear stagnant energy, recharge and reactivate your energy flow

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