Combination packages

A combination package includes a full nutritional assessment combined with an hour of reflexology or energy release treatment.

So why a combination package?

Although what we eat is fundamental to our health, it is not the only factor.

What we think and feel, our environment, our relationships, our attitudes to ourselves can become stressors that create a physiological response.

Under stress, your heart starts to pump faster, your breathing is shallower and more rapid, more oxygen is supplied to the heart and muscles, your nervous system moves out of balance and into stimulation mode.

All this extra energy created by the body has to come from somewhere. It comes from putting certain key functions on standby. These are
  • the digestive system
  • the reproductive system
  • the immune system
  • the excretory system
Why? Because, the mind has to make a judgement call, it thinks, I am stressed, in survival mode, I can digest my dinner later, fight my minor bacterial infections later, go to the toilet later, have a baby later, after we have dealt with this crisis.

If we make positive dietary changes but are reacting to stressors and do not know how to fully relax, then we are not fully benefiting from our changes. This is because the inherent stress response, is compromising the effectiveness of our digestive system, causing us not to absorb our food or excrete our waste fully.

The reflexology or energetic release treatments release stress working directly on the nervous system to bring the body back into balance restoring the functions of the digestive, reproductive, immune and excretory systems.

By restoring the homeostatic balance of the digestive system, we can fully absorb all the nutrients from our food and allow us to excrete unwanted waste.

We become more grounded, centred, calm, and less busy in the head. It improves sleep, energy and vitality.

At levelfooting, we recommend combination packages if speed is an issue and you wish to create change more rapidly.

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